Anthroplogy Methods Mall

The 2009 Anthropology Methods Mall is online. This site has info about four, NSF-supported opportunities for methods training in cultural anthropology.

1. Now in its fifth year, the SCRM (Short Courses on Research Methods) program is for cultural anthropologists who already have the Ph.D. Three five-day are offered during summer 2009 at the Duke University Marine Lab in Beaufort, North Carolina.

2. Now in its 14th year, the SIRD (Summer Institute on Research Design) is an intensive, three-week course for graduate students in cultural anthropology who are preparing their doctoral research proposals. The 2009 course runs from July 13–31 at the Duke University Marine Laboratory. (Instructors: Jeffrey Johnson, Susan Weller, and H. Russell Bernard)

3. Now in its sixth year, the SFTM (Summer Field Training in Methods) program in Bolivia is open to graduate students in cultural anthropology. This course involves five weeks of fieldwork in the Bolivian Amazon from June 8-July 13.  (Instructors: Ricardo Godoy, William Leonard, Victoria Reyes-Garcia, Thomas McDade, Clarence Gravlee, J. Richard Stepp, and Susan Tanner).

4. The WRMA (Workshops in Research Methods in Anthropology) program offers one-day workshops in conjunction with national meetings of anthropologists. Two workshop will be offered at the meetings of the American Anthropological Association in November.

Full details on all these opportunities at the Methods Mall,

H. Russell Bernard
Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus
University of Florida


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