SIENA Workshop Jan 22-23, Rm 452 B&E

Maurits de Klepper, a PhD student visiting from the Netherlands, is offering a short workshop on the SIENA software package. SIENA is used to model changes in a network over time, and particularly to tease out such questions as (a) are people attracted to people with certain attributes? and (b) are people influenced by the people they have ties to?

The room is very small, but in principle, all are welcome.

From Maurits: “I am Maurits de Klepper, born in West-Germany in 1982. I grew up in the Netherlands near the beach (IJmuiden) and I currently live in Hilversum. I did my bachelor and masters in Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (graduated in 2004). During my bachelor I was introduced to the amazing and dazzling world of network analysis. Later I followed another course in social network methodology in Groningen, which is when Tom Snijders introduced me to SIENA. My network curiosity started out with a general interest in network methodology, but it shifted during my masters thesis to the application within an inter-organizational context. In September 2004 I started my PhD-project about the diffusion of innovations via networks within organizations (i.e. intra-organizational networks). Besides work I like to cook, and read about Dutch language and literature.”



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