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Network-based dissertation defense

April 19, 2009

You may be interested in attending the dissertation defense of Goce Andrevski (at least the presentation part). He is looking at firm-level innovation from a network point of view. A key variable for him is structural holes. Goce is a dynamic, passionate speaker. Should be good. (I unfortunately can’t make it.)

The dissertation is entitled Competitive Strategy, Alliance Networks and Firm Performance and will be presented Monday, April 20th at 9:30 AM in the Dean’s Conference Room (Business & Economics building, Room 253).

US Secy. of Educ. values network analysis

April 19, 2009

Kevin Real spotted this bit in Time magazine:

[The new Education Secretary] has indicated that he will use the carrots and sticks in the stimulus bill to support voluntary efforts to write national standards and to prod states to adopt them. This process should involve advisory boards that represent employers, college admissions officers, military recruiters, teachers, education scholars and parents. It should also be ongoing, because the standards will have to evolve as the needs of the workplace and global economy do.

For example, I learned a lot of calculus, which hasn’t proved that useful in my career. But I do remember being confronted at a Time Inc. meeting on digital strategy with the simple question of how many direct two-way links there were in a fully connected network of 50 nodes. It was a long time before any of us could figure out even how to begin figuring it out. Tomorrow’s careers are likely to require more knowledge of networks, probabilities, statistics and risk analysis. That’s why it would be useful to have the standards-setting body be advised by recruitment officers from the infotech, biotech, medical and, yes, financial sectors.

 The complete article can be found here:,8599,1891468,00.html

2-mode Conference

April 15, 2009
Conference and Workshop on 2-mode Social Network Analysis
VU University Amsterdam
30 September – 2 October 2009

The Department of Organization Science and the Department of Social Research Methodology at the VU University Amsterdam organize a conference and workshop which will be focusing exclusively on the analysis of 2-mode (affiliation) social network data (

I. CONFERENCE (October 1-2, 2009)

By bringing together researchers with a methodological and substantive background in social network analysis, this conference aims to provide a forum to share ideas and to further the development of substantive questions on those topics, which can be studied using two-mode (or more-mode) network data.

These include:

  •   interlocking directorates,
  •   voting-behavior and cosponsorship-behavior,
  •   membership of formal and informal groups,
  •   participation to specific events,
  •   contagion of diseases among cattle through the sharing of farms,
  •   the spread of diseases through sexual contact,
  •   collaborative work among scientists and shared projects,
  •   studies related to loyalty to institutions

The Keynote Speaker will be:   Steve Borgatti (University of Kentucky)


Innovative papers, on topics related to how and why network ties are formed in two-mode networks, the effects that such network structures have on the actors or events, as well as other research questions involving a two-mode network approach are welcome. In addition, papers on methodological problems related to two-mode network analysis are also encouraged.

Please note the following important deadlines:

  • Deadline for abstracts: April 29th, 2009
  • Notice of acceptance: May 25th, 2009
  • Deadline for papers: August 30th, 2009
II. WORKSHOP (September 30, 2009)

In recent years a number of specific methods and programs have been developed to analyse 2-mode network data.

Preceding the conference, three different workshops will be offered. Each workshop consists of one half-day hands-on tutorial on a specific method and program. Note that the ERGM and SIENA course are at the same time, and therefore cannot be combined.


  • Descriptive measures, techniques and visualization of two-mode data with UCINET (Steve Borgatti & Filip Agneessens)
  • Exponential random graph modelling (p*) for two-mode network data using BPNet (Peng Wang)
  • Longitudinal analysis of 2-mode network data using SIENA (Tom Snijders)

Please note that the number of places is limited and that the order will be based on date of payment received. 

For more information go to: or email

The organizers,

Filip Agneessens
Peter Groenewegen
Gerhard van de Bunt

Dan Halgin quoted in Sloan Management Review

April 4, 2009

Check out this discussion of Calipari and coaching careers in general in the Sloan Management Review.

The article is based on his dissertation, which can be found here: