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Keynote address for 2-mode conference

October 8, 2009

Filip Agneessens (together with Peter Groenewegen and Gerhard van de Bunt) organized a terrific conference on 2-mode network analysis. The conference featured a lot of very fresh ideas.

Below is a link to the slides for the keynote address, which does not have so many fresh ideas but gives a decent overview of what is conventional in the 2-mode field.

fundamental, curiosity-driven science

October 6, 2009

Excerpt from Baltimore Sun:

Carol W. Greider, who on Monday became the 33rd person associated with the Johns Hopkins University to win the Nobel Prize, is a triathlete, a mother of two and a methodical and modest genetic researcher who colleagues say shuns publicity in favor of pursuing her passion: fundamental, curiosity-driven science.

See the full article here:,0,800156.story