Harvard professor fakes data?

Harvard professor Marc Hauser was found guilty of “scientific misconduct”. Harvard doesn’t say exactly what that entails, but it is clear is that he and his assistants had the task of coding videotaped monkey behavior. This is a task which should always be given to someone who does not know what the study’s hypotheses are. It should also be noted that the scientific method is designed to protect a researcher from his/her unconscious biases. It does nothing to prevent people from simply faking it.


BTW, the guy’s field of study is morality.

One Response to “Harvard professor fakes data?”

  1. Randall Reetz Says:

    What are the chances that Marc Hauser would have gained so much fame had his chosen research domain not been so easily resonant with human thinking? I am sure there are far brighter mind/cognition/behavior scientists working on topics far more causal and foundational who haven’t risen to fame simply because their work isn’t so emotionally attractive to the average audience.

    I am not surprised at all! Could have predicted this whole mess. Harvard was playing with fire all along. But popularity (and the associated revenue flow) are hard to resist, even as evidence and gut level doubts build). I think I will add the word “morality” to my research topic… Moral Thermodynamics-Based Evolution Theory. Harvard here I come!


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