2011 SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis

Edited by Carrington and Scott, coming out soon. Here’s the list of chapters:

1. Introduction Peter J. Carrington and John Scott
2. Social Network Analysis: An Introduction Alexandra Marin and Barry Wellman
3. The Development of Social Network Analysis-with an Emphasis on Recent Events Linton C Freeman
4. Network Theory Stephen P Borgatti and Virginie Lopez-Kidwell
5. Social Physics and Social Networks John Scott
6. Social Networks in Economics Sanjeev Goyal
7. Relational Sociology, Culture, and Agency Ann Mische
8. Personal Communities: The World According To Me Vincent Chua, Julia Madej and Barry Wellman
9. Social Support Lijun Song, Joonmo Son and Nan Lin
10. Kinship, Class, and Community Douglas R White
11. Animal Social Networks Katherine Faust
12. Networking Online: Cybercommunities Anatoliy Gruzd and Caroline Haythornthwaite
13. Corporate Elites and Intercorporate Networks William K Carroll and J P Sapinski
14. Political Dimensions of Corporate Connections Matthew Bond and Nicholas Harrigan
15. Policy Networks David Knoke
16. Social Movements and Collective Action Mario Diani
17. Crime and Social Network Analysis Peter J Carrington
18. Terrorist Networks: The Threat of Connectivity Renée C van der Hulst
19. Scientific and Scholarly Networks Howard D White
20. Cultural Networks Paul DiMaggio
21. Social Networks, Geography, and Neighbourhood Effects Ron Johnston and Charles Pattie
22. A Multiple-Network Analysis of the World System of Nations, 1995-1999 Edward L Kick, Laura A McKinney, Steve McDonald, Andrew Jorgenson
23. A Brief Introduction to Analyzing Social Network Data Robert A Hanneman and Mark Riddle
24. Concepts and Measures for Basic Network Analysis Robert A Hanneman and Mark Riddle
25. Survey Methods for Network Data Peter V Marsden
26. Survey Sampling in Networks Ove Frank
27. Qualitative Approaches Betina Hollstein
28. Analyzing Affiliation Networks Stephen P Borgatti and Daniel S Halgin
29. Positions and Roles Anuška Ferligoj, Patrick Doreian and Vladimir Batagelj
30. Relation Algebras and Social Networks Philippa Pattison
31. Statistical Models For Ties and Actors Marijtje A J van Duijn and Mark Huisman
32. Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks Garry Robins
33. Network Dynamics Tom A B Snijders
34. Models and Methods to Identify Peer Effects Weihua An
35. Kinship Network Analysis Klaus Hamberger, Michael Houseman and Douglas R White
36. Large-Scale Network Analysis Vladimir Batagelj
37. Network Visualization Lothar Krempel
38. A Reader’s Guide to SNA Software Mark Huisman and Marijtje A J van Duijn

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2 Responses to “2011 SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis”

  1. hip hop Says:


    […]2011 SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis « Blog of the Borg[…]…

  2. Chuck Nsiegbe Says:

    Are there any measurement instruments for online social computing available, and if so, could someone please send me the links?


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